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The Rochester Law Center is a private law firm.

Unlike other law firms, each of our practice areas has one lawyer that exclusively dedicates his time to managing that practice. We do this so that we can provide you the highest quality service, with the most knowledgeable staff possible.


We are not a general practice. If there is not an attorney on staff who focuses in the area of law you are looking for, we will bring in a specialist for you. Every case is complex. Every case is unique. Your case deserves the attention and respect that only a specialist can provide.

Our Promise

We always guarantee that, as a client of Rochester Law Center, you will receive cost-effective legal services delivered in a timely manner. We promise to involve you and communicate with you regularly. We cannot guarantee outcomes; we do guarantee you satisfaction with our service. If we do not perform to your satisfaction, inform us promptly. We will resolve the issue to your satisfaction.


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