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Rochester Eviction and Landlord-Tenant Lawyer

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Rochester Landlord Tenant Eviction Lawyer

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Rochester Eviction and Landlord-Tenant Lawyer

We are one of the few firms in Metro-Detroit with an entire division dedicated exclusively to Landlord Representation and Eviction Matters. We have seen everything from complex corporate evictions with hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, to simple uncontested residential actions.

We have helped hundreds of property owners regain possession of their land from tenants who were not paying their rent, or refused to abide by the terms of their lease. We handle evictions for residential properties and mobile home parks, as well as for commercial properties.

We have flexible billing schedules for any client whether you own a portfolio of hundreds of properties, or whether you are simply renting out a single room. Generally, we handle evictions at an affordable flat rate per appearance. Costs are billed separately. We will discuss our fee schedule at our first consultation.

Our Services in this Area Include:

  • Cease and Desist
  • Collections Actions
  • Damages Actions Against Tenants
  • Injunctive Relief
  • Residential & Commercial Evictions

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