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Rochester Small Business Lawyer

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You Built Your Business, Let Us Help You Protect It

Finding a Rochester small business attorney that is experienced in dealing with the legal issues that small-businesses routinely face is critical to successful business outcomes. By the time your small-business finds itself in a courtroom, it may be too late, the damage has been done. Even if you are victorious in court, you may be on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees to say nothing of the time wasted, and the damage done to your business’ reputation. Our Rochester Hills small business lawyers offer legal consulting services to small-businesses that are specifically designed to weed out and stop legal problems from developing before they start.

Experienced Rochester Small Business Lawyer

Our Law Firm offers a range of services as well as flexible and transparent billing packages.

Expert legal counsel and guidance in:

  • Articles of Incorporation, LLC, S-Corps, Partnership Agreements, etc.
  • Asset Protection
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Breach of Contract Claims
  • Business Formation Agreements
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Commercial Loans
  • Company Formation
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Contract Drafting and Review
  • Contract Disputes
  • Death and Disability Planning for Partnerships
  • Death and Disability Planning for Closely Held Business
  • Employment Contracts
  • Employee Manual Drafting
  • Employment Disputes
  • Equipment Loans
  • Exit Planning
  • Lease Agreements
  • Legal Consulting for Small Businesses
  • Liquor Licensing and Appeals
  • Negotiations
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements NDAs
  • Partnership Disputes

You invested in your business, poured hours of your life into building it, now make sure it’s protected. The legal issues that confront a small-business today are wide-ranging, and complex. Our Rochester small business lawyers can help you navigate the intricacies of the regulatory landscape, and prevent lawsuits before they start.

Our Rochester small business lawyer advisors are known for their outstanding and cost-effective representation focusing on client objectives. The Rochester Hills small business attorneys work with clients’ to develop successful plans for all aspects of their business.

Call 248-613-0007 or Email: info@RLClawyers.com to speak with a Rochester small business lawyer.

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