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Chris Atallah Esq. - Founder and Managing Partner

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Essentials To Start Your Business

Limited Liability Company

business law attorney rochester hills mi llc rochester law center

An easy, flexible, and popular way to set up your company

(S Corp / C Corp)

business law attorney rochester hills mi incorporation rochester law center

Form an S Corp or C Corp Quickly and easily

Resident Agent

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We will preserve your privacy, and make sure that your business remains in good standing while you focus on what really matters - growing your business.

Why gamble with your business' future?

Get your questions answered by an experienced business law attorney

Why Do Clients Choose Us?

Because unlike most online companies, we give you access to a business law attorney to get your questions answered.

Don’t get lost in the mix with faceless online competitors that advertise “quick and cheap” business formation.
In practice, their services are far from “quick and cheap”.
You will have questions throughout this process – as you should. After all, starting a business is a big deal!
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Unfortunately, most of our online competitors don’t give you access to an attorney to get your questions answered.
Those that do, charge an arm and a leg just to get basic answers to questions about how to fill out their specific forms – you can see how these services rapidly become “complicated and expensive”!

Even worse, some entrepreneurs will spend hours trying to set up their business on their own, only to discover years later (often during a lawsuit) that they missed something or it was not done right...

Why worry about whether or not your business was set up properly? 
You will invest years of hard work and money into your company. We know because we have been there! 
Don’t throw it away with a poorly planned first step.
Work with us and get the peace of mind that your business formation is done right, the first time!

The Benefits Of Starting Your Business With Rochester Law Center

Free Consultations

Unlimited access to an experienced business law attorney until your company's formation is complete

Remote Services Available - We can create your company without you ever having to come into our offices

Peace of mind that your business formation is done right!

Meet Attorney Chris Atallah

Founder, Entrepreneur, and Managing Partner

Over the past decade, Chris Atallah has advised thousands of clients and has helped make their dreams a reality. 
Chris is the founder of Rochester Law Center and is a small business owner himself. His experience makes him intimately familiar with the unique challenges and pitfalls of starting and running a business.  
He is passionate about helping Michigan entrepreneurs and has taught dozens of seminars across the State on topics such as: tax strategies using LLCs, asset protection, and business formation strategies for real estate investors.  
He understands that your business planning needs are unique and the volumes of information and documentation can be intimidating and overwhelming. 
Chris likes to take a comfortable, personalized approach to ensure that all of your needs are taken care of properly – the first time.
If you are looking to make your business come to life, Chris will help you every step of the way, addressing all of your concerns to make sure you’re protected and set for growth. 
business law attorney rochester hill mi rochester law center

Licensed in the State of Michigan and the Federal 6th Circuit

State Bar of Michigan Memberships:

Business Law Section

Taxation Section

Real Property Law Section

Probate and Estate Planning Section

International Law Section

Member of the Advisory Board of the Assistance League of Southeastern Michigan

Academic Honors:

Wayne State University Law School Cum Laude

Oakland University - Magna Cum Laude

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